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What is diamond plate?

Our diamond plate is absolutely, authentic, real commercial grade aluminum diamond plate. The same brilliant metal found on big rigs, NASCAR, fire trucks and other astonishingly cool objects and cool places. Not to be confused with imitation stamped metal that many of our competitors use. Our real diamond plate will not rust, rot, corrode or degrade.

How can I tell the difference between real diamond plate and the fake stuff?

The secret is on the backside of the metal. The diamonds on real diamond plate are forged from solid metal and therefore are perfectly solid when viewed from the back. Fake diamond plate is stamped from sheet metal producing diamonds that are hollow on the backside making the fake stuff weak, feeble and less desirable. Real diamond plate has a beautiful chrome like metallic luster. The fake stuff can fake the shine but can't fake the strength of real diamond plate. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend ... but who wants hollow diamonds?

What thickness diamond plate should I use?

That depends on your project. For structural projects such as Ramps, Framing, Mezzanines, etc use 0.125" (1/8"). For appearance type projects use 045".

Is diamond plate slippery?

Not at all. In fact it's quite the opposite. Diamond plate was originally created back in the 60s for tread purposes and therefore was originally called "tread plate". However, the tread plate looked so good, people started using it for all kinds of other things. Take a look at a big rig or an armed forces vehicle and you may notice diamond plate on its steps or walkways. This is to give the operators the best possible traction when the surfaces are wet or icy. The diamonds provide extra surface area for shoes to grab onto. You may be surprised when you walk across our diamond plate and find how much traction you feel, even with high heels.

How do I know if online ordering is secure?

Protecting your information is a priority for Glory Silver. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt your credit card number, name and address so only Glory Silver is able to decode your information. SSL is the industry standard method for computers to communicate securely without risk of data interception, manipulation or recipient impersonation. To be sure your connection is secure; when you are in the Shopping Cart, look at the lower corner of your browser window. If you see an unbroken key or closed lock, the SSL is active and your information is secure. Since most of the customers are still uncomfortable with providing your credit card online, we use PayPal and 2CheckOut services so they don't need to give out credit card information.

Can I use diamond plate outdoors?

Absolutely. Our diamond plate will not rust, rot, corrode or degrade.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost depends on the following:
Ship To Location
Shipping to Residence or Business
Shipment Weight (we'll figure this out)
Dimensions of Shipment (we'll figure this out too)
Call our Live Customer Support, and we'll get you quick shipping quote.

What is your privacy policy?

Haomei aluminium respects your privacy and wants to ensure that you understand what information we need to complete your order, and what information you can choose to share with us and with our marketing partners. For complete information on our privacy policy, please visit our Privacy Policy page.