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how much is a sheet of diamond plate?

In recent years, the green and low-carbon economy have become the hot phrase. Aluminum, as a recyclable material, has also become a green choice. Aluminum alloy grades are numerous, and sheet of diamond plate is a common one. What is the price of the sheet of diamond plate?

three bars aluminium tread plate

The influencing factors of sheet of diamond plate price
1, regional factors
Different regions of the manufacturer, the production cost is different, the sales price is different, such as the price of Shanghai is much higher than the price of Henan, the user is recommended to select the appropriate area.
2, technical content
The same product, the product of the technical content of different sales price varies widely, not because the price is low and the purchase of products, product prices are too low can not guarantee product quality, affect product efficiency, it is recommended to shop around to choose the right product.
3, sales channels
Manufacturers are using direct sales, agents, brokers and other different sales channels, the impact of product prices is intuitive, select the appropriate sales channel manufacturers, can save the user’s investment costs.
4, product specifications
The sheet of diamond plate has many specifications, including diamond aluminum tread plate, three-bar aluminum tread plate, five-bar sheet of diamond plate. And different thickness has different price. The price of 3mm aluminum tread plate is naturally different with 2mm five-bar sheet of diamond plate.
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