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What is the material of tread plate aluminum?

aluminum tread plate is a very common material that we can see it almost everywhere. As a new type of skid-proof material, it has been recognized and trusted by the vast number of industries and customers. The reason why the aluminum tread plate is recognized by people is inseparable with its own advantages.

The aluminum tread plate has many specifications, including diamond aluminum tread plate, three-bar aluminum tread plate, five-bar aluminum tread plate. And different thickness has different price. The price of 3mm aluminum tread plate is naturally different with 2mm five-bar aluminum tread plate.

Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminum Tread Plate

The classification of aluminum tread plate

Five bars aluminum tread plate: This aluminum is cheap, and anti-skid effect is good, which is divided into large five tendons – pattern length of 42 mm, and small five tendons – pattern length of 35 mm, pattern height of 0.8 mm or so.

Pointer pattern aluminum: mainly divided into 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm thickness, multi-purpose anti-slip aluminum, and five ribs to play the same effect, but not often used.

Orange peel aluminum tread plate: the classic orange peel pattern aluminum, orange peel pattern variation (also known as insect pattern). Its surface showing a similar pattern of orange skin, so it can be called orange peel pattern aluminum, which is the commonly used aluminum tread plate products of refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging.

Lentils aluminum tread plate: the market is commonly used in a style, with a good anti-skid effect, mainly for the carriage, platform non-slip, cold floor floor non-slip, workshop floor non-slip, elevator anti-skid aspects. Diamond aluminum tread plate: packaging pipe or packaging commonly used.

Spherical aluminum tread plate: can be called semi-spherical pattern aluminum, the surface presents a small spherical pattern, like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become a pearl-shaped pattern of aluminum. Mainly used in packaging. Looks more beautiful, due to the special pattern, which aluminum plate strength than other patterns to be much higher series.

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