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What is Aluminium tread plate

The steel surface with a pattern called tread platr, its pattern into lentil-shaped, diamond, round bean-shaped, oval shape blended and so on.
Concrete usage
Aluminium tread plate, with checkered appearance, can slip, strengthen performance, saving steel and many other advantages. It is widely used In transportation, construction, decoration, floor surrounding equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields .Generally, parties to tread plate mechanical properties, mechanical performance requirements, so checkered pattern quality mainly as flowering rate, the pattern height, elevation pattern. Currently on the market common thickness ranging from two kinds of width are common 1250,1500mm from 2.0-8mm.

According to the national standard GB / T 3277 regulations, the height of tread plate should be greater than or equal to 20% of the thickness of the substrate.

Theoretical weight

According to the material (aluminum, stainless steel, ordinary steel, etc.) Tread plate, is different, different patterns shapes, different theoretical weight per square meter.

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate (English name: Stainless Steel Diamond Plate) is embossed by mechanical equipment in a stainless steel plate, the plate surface appears uneven pattern. Beginning in the early 1960s by a small batch of large rolling mills in Europe, then as stainless steel checkered excellent corrosion resistance and slip resistance have been adopted in many industries and thus began to spread. First stainless steel checkered pattern style for horizontal and vertical stripes interleaved, domestic Shanxi Taiyuan and Shanghai Baosteel Group in production in the next 20 - 30 years after researchers continue to experiment with better and improve the skid resistance pattern design out large-scale production is now promoted and applied. In recent years, the use of stainless steel checkered plate are constant innovation, breakthrough, change, applicable industry and product models are constantly increasing, product replacement rate and more frequent

International innovative trends stainless steel checkered plate

As more and more research investment and research and development, the international use of stainless steel checkered no longer confined to the professional field and industry application areas skid and corrosion, stainless steel checkered more innovative applications in curtain wall construction, decoration, track transportation, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and derived from the grid, diamond, leather, tile, brick, ripples and other no less than two dozen international standard models of product specifications. Coloring product on the basis of the above, coatings, composites, nano-sealing membrane, super-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-wear stainless steel checkered plate and other new products are constantly meet the needs of industry innovation and high quality of human life.

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